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robert-prof-webThis website has been designed to provide both professional and public education on topics related to health, with a particular emphasis on cardiac rehabilitation and prevention. You will be able to access expert information about factors that cause cardiovascular disease and related conditions, plus the latest advancements in early detection and treatment. Robert Scales, Ph.D., has devoted his career to health promotion by developing educational initiatives that are designed to prevent disease across all age groups. His work in this area has predominantly focused on initiatives that target people already diagnosed with disease. However, you will read about ways in which steps are being taken to intervene earlier and assist those who are vulnerable to the development of cardiovascular disease. This involves individuals who have predisposing risk factors, including our children who have become more susceptible to developing precursors to the disease.



Motivational Interviewing Training Workshops


A motivational interviewing (MI) workshop is designed to give healthcare professionals training to promote behavior change in clinical settings. This motivational approach is well suited to the daily practice of a busy clinic, where time-pressured consultations are common. Skillful application by a clinician provides a platform for patients to follow a healthful treatment plan instead of exhibiting resistance. Consequently, clinical consultations are not only more effective, but also less frustrating for the provider.
Robert Scales, Ph.D., is an experienced trainer in MI and he conducts training workshops to help healthcare professionals use this approach within their clinical setting. In the standard two-day training workshop, trainees are guided through a sequence of evolving learning activities to enhance their communication skills in the clinic and improve MI proficiency. Workshops are interactive and live demonstrations and videotaped examples are used to show trainees aspects of the MI approach. This is combined with opportunities to practice small group exercises that are designed to simulate face-to-face conversations about behavior change. Trainees may be asked to talk about real situations in their life (real plays) or role play patient scenarios and they are then given immediate feedback from the trainer. Each workshop is customized to the suit needs of the target audience, which includes addressing the unique challenges that are encountered with specific clinical populations and the associated unhealthful behavior(s).

Organizations or individuals interested in training should complete the Request for Training Form, which will ask for information about the target audience and the timeline for training. In response, a detailed agenda with a cost proposal will be prepared for consideration. Shorter introductory versions of the standard training workshop are also available on request.


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